My name is Christine. I am very harsh on grammar. I love Steam Powered Giraffe, Twenty One Pilots,Panic! At the Disco, The Killers,Fall Out Boy, Lady Gaga, etc.. Also, I am apart of the National Sarcasm Society where "we don't need your support." That's all folks.


o yea the 90s. the 90s were great. fuckin sick. raw as hell. learning how to speak. crying for no reason. shitting in my diaper

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I am a firm believer that rough sex and cuddling go hand in hand.

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Me: *Gets Ice Cream*
Me: *Goes To Room
Me: *Forgets spoon in kitchen*
Me: *Cries*

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Me:then fucking act like it

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But don’t forget the songs that made you cry and the songs that saved your life
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